On the Trails of Truckee

On the northern part of Tahoe is the tiny town of Truckee. Although this town is part of California, it is closer to reach when in Reno. It follows the Truckee River which flows from Tahoe to Nevada. Our resident writer has journeyed to Truckee as part of a day tour from Reno. This quaint town can be reached through a Greyhound Bus route and a TART bus route from San Francisco or LA.

Donner Pass Road

Originally called Coburn Station, it was part of the infamous Donner Pass Trail. Now, there are roads and the town are considered a hub to many of the trails to and from Nevada and California.

The name Truckee came from the Paiute Native American word “Tro-Kay” which means “Everything is alright.” The pilgrims thought the Paiute Chief was telling them the name of the area. The name stuck and the name was given to the town and the river.

When taking a day tour, the town’s commercial center is one long street called Donner Pass Road. We don’t actually know if this really was the exact steps of the Donner Party but the odds are, the party passed through this area. All the shops and restaurants are centered here. A few businesses are located in the vicinity as well. What can you expect? A lot! The shops in Truckee are very unique. They maintain the old county charm. Looking for the saloon, anyone?

It is a shopping destination for those looking for the unique items. There is a bookstore, a spice store, an oil and scent store, several clothing stores and the all-important souvenir shops. Many of the shops capitalized on the uniqueness of Truckee. Several shops have T-shirts and postcards. There are, of course, local artisan products. Some are by the town while others are from the nearest Native American tribes.

While you are about town, don’t forget to take a food trip. There are shops with good coffee and home cooked meals. Check out some of the establishments that will bring you back to the turn of the century. Some, in the retro era. There is a pizzeria in town, in case the kids are searching for some Italian chow.

If you get overwhelmed, not to worry. In the middle of the commercial center is the Tourist Center. You can pick up maps, magazines and souvenirs. It is conveniently located where the buses stop. They also have clean toilets in an emergency. If you are all towned-out, they have benches to sit down and relax in.

Locals are very friendly. You can hardly get lost in this small town but you can ask the locals for recommendations. Many will point you to their favorite haunts and best place to get unique items that only Tahoe and Truckee can offer.

Truckee is a romantic getaway as well as a historic haunt. Want to unwind and getaways from the world? Take a few days in Tahoe. You can spend the bulk of it in Town of Truckee. Although the town has evens all year round, best time to go is between Spring and Summer.

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