D’Bones of the Future?

D’Bone Museum, Davao

Come to Davao and there is a little-known museum in the heart of the city. D’Bone Collector’s Museum is privately owned and run. It features many different kinds of bones. The bulk of their bones are Marine Mammals.

To teach museum-goers the amazing ecosystem and the effects of garbage and global warming in the ecology, bones of marine mammals are displayed with the garbage from the stomach that killed them. It is a reminder of what we throw away always land in the ocean. The most common wastes are plastic wrappers, bottle caps, and plastic cutlery.

Darren Blatchley, the owner, guides the audiences himself. He can speak English and Visayan. The preparation of the bones, he explained, was done by him and volunteer students. Once there is a dead animal (whales, dolphins, etc), his team is called and asked to make an autopsy. After the autopsy, the remains are prepared and the bones are separated. Most of the bones are displayed in government offices but some make their way to the museum. He urges museum-goers to be mindful of their trash for they always end up harming animals.

The most awe-inspiring display are the larger than life whale bones. They take up two floors. The number of bones is a wake-up call. It is sad that most of the animals’ bones on display had met a violent end from mankind.

This place, filled with bones and death, might not be someone’s idea of a romantic get-away but I urge you to go and visit the museum. Think of it as a time machine. Would these bones be our future?

Still, it is a great place to visit if you are traveling to Davao with your family. There are other bones such as dogs, fishes and snakes. You can certainly learn a lot about an animal through their bones.

In terms of family-friendly, it is a good place to teach our children on environment and proper disposal of trash. There isn’t an elevator so one must be good with stairs.

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