Vegas Romance: Mobsters and Law Enforcement

When it comes to romantic roams, nothing is more romantic than the mob. Getting inducted into the “family” means one has a loyal group. Obey the rules and you’ll live in luxury. Break them at your own perill.

Mob Museum, Las Vegas

When traveling to Vegas, you’ll want to check out the Mob Museum or formally known as the Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement. This historic four-story building hosts a number of memorabilia plus exhibits on the mobs but on the ground floor, you can add on some pretty cool experiences. It was once the Las Vegas Courthouse and Post Office.

Add on Crime Lab Experience if you like to feel like you’re on the set on the popular TV program, CSI. You’ll have an hour to complete your task and solve a murder!

If you are into adventure, add on the Use of Force Experience. This gives you training details on how to defuse or stop three types of crime with “use of force” or a gun. Mind you, these guns feel real. They are a replica designed to make you feel the real deal!

Note that an “Add on” experience is additional payment on top of the museum entrance ($27, regular entrance). You’ll have to purchase this in the ticketing office, which is a post office window when you go through the courthouse doors.

After roaming the rest of the museum, head to the basement and try some Moonshine. No, really! Each visitor is given a shot. You may also buy other drinks from their Speakeasy Bar. Did I mention the Distillery is locate just beside it?

Moonshine Bar, Mob Museum

The Mob Museum is great for travelers on their own or in a group. It is family friendly (except the add-on experiences and the bar) and the exhibits are very interaction-friendly as well. Learn the history of Vegas and the mob with dioramas, videos, collectibles and even a courtroom drama! After your visit, check out the souvenir shop to see some books all about the mob. After your afternoon in the museum, you can cross the street to Fremont and enjoy the festivities.

The Mob Museum is both romantic roam and historic haunts for its location and subject matter. The old Las Vegas Post Office and Courthouse has been transformed into this museum of infamy. Let’s face it, mobsters are romantic. Part of the romanticism of the place is the bar in the basement!

Yes, they will simulate the electric chair!
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